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today i discovered that when i am extremely tired and loopy in apush class, i take some a+ quality notes.

allow us to observe exhibit a:

"so america post revolution. basically we had trust issues and we had just left home and we were a poor ass young adult who survives only on ramen and false hope"

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OKAY so there’s this super cool annual thing at MIT for high school students and i just spent like 2 hours coming up with my schedule ((hopefully; there’s a lottery)) and i am so excited so here it is:

  • Non-Linear Thinking In A Linear World (Saturday 10am-12pm)
  • Illusions and Visual Perception: Why You Don’t See Dead People (12-1)
  • The Naughty Bit (1-2) ((it’s about Shakespearean wordplay))
  • Fractals and Dimension (3-4)
  • The Ways of Bayes: Applying Probability Theory in Everyday Life (4-5)
  • Donuts Aren’t Spheres (5-6) ((IT’S ABOUT TORI (basically the shape of a donut)!!!!))
  • How Blood Works (7-9)
  • Where is that star? (Sunday 9am-10am)
  • Introduction to Calculus from an overly enthusiastic student (10am-11am)
  • LUNCH BREAK HELL YEAH (11am-12pm)
  • The Vikings (12-1)
  • Counting Cards and Martingales (1-2)
  • Murder For The Beginner (2-3)
  • Another Look At The Continent System (3-4)
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will jardell appreciaion post [26/…]

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This guy’s vines give me life

Thomas Sanders is a gift to this world

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Normal Distribution

Paranormal Distribution

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General Impressions of MBTI Types


ISFPs are beautiful, fragile butterflies.

INFJs are crystal balls in human form.

ENFPs are manic pixie dream people.

ISTJs are like fanatically religious cats with schedules for everything.

INFPs are hummingbirds lying on the ground after flying into a window.

ENFJs are the Mufasas of the world.

ENTPs are like debate coaches who believe life is a misfit orphanage and they are the caretaker.

ESFPs are flying squirrels.

ESTJs are either Dolores Umbridge or your loyal guard dog, there is no in between.

ISFJs are moms.

INTJs are the ones no one can understand.

ENTJs will be president someday.

ESTPs are Kanye West in a laser tag game.

ISTPs are American flags flapping in the wind.

ESFJs are like pioneer women churning butter.

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