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  • so monday was pajama day and it was hella fun
  • i gave my friends alex, david, and brian this poem i wrote for them and they all seemed to like it and appreciate it and i am a happy person
  • i bought “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” and i’m excited to start reading it
  • it was tacky tuesday. i live for tacky tuesday. i wear the most ridiculous shit and oh wow it was fun.
  • later in the day i got to read a poem at a local bookstore (14 people were chosen and i was one of them!) and people seemed to really like it *u*
  • cake pops. 
  • shrek.
  • poems about serial killers and the media.
  • this is camp
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if you ever want to hear the gospel according to shrek, just open up your bible and read psalm


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Alive // n.f.

Living; noun; L I V I N G
Definition: The means of maintaining life.
Life; noun; L I F E
Definition: The animate existence of an individual.
Individual; noun
Definition: A person.
Person; noun
Relative definition: Me

For all of my life
I have relied on definitions
to teach me how this world works.
I thought I already knew what it meant
to be alive,
but I have recently discovered
just how wrong I used to be.

There are only two things in this world 
that make me feel actually alive 
and I’ll have you know 
that one of them comes in the form of self destruction 
but the other is performing while on this stage 
and I swear the sound of snaps 
reminds me that I have the ability to 1. Hear.
An audience full of smiles and crossed legs,
frowns and distracted hands
reminds me that I can 2. See.
I can 3. Smell the ink from every single notebook
tucked inside the bags that enter this room.
I can still 4. Taste the blood in my mouth
from biting my lip so tightly
when I heard a poem so powerful
that it forced me to cave in on myself.
And each speck of dust my arms come across 
5. Touches me more deeply
and is more comforting to me than any home I have ever known.

We have been taught to believe our whole lives
that there are only 5 senses
but I believe that there are 9.
6. Temperature 
I swear my chest is warmer than the sun right now 
because a heart this heavy from being drenched with gratitude 
can’t help but radiate heat. 
7. Balance 
I was never any good at gymnastics;
my body didn’t know how to be steady,
and now neither does my mind
I rely on scientific nature to maintain my homeostasis
and my brain only knows how to rebel against my body
but being here 
and performing
is a better medication than I could ever ask for. 
8. Pain
I said before
that when my skin stings
I know that I am human,
but my god I prefer these aching callused hands
and the intense determination it takes to keep my eyes open
after a sleepless night of writing countless poems
any day.
9. Proprioception 
I can tell where the parts of my body are without looking at them
and I know that I am here and I am with you and you are alive
and I am alive 
I am alive.

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Blood, Meth, Tears.
It’s the constant, it’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution. Just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation.

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  • i got my friend brian to watch The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and he loved and hated it, as predicted.
  • also, he and his roommate david apparently watched a marathon of my vlogs. which was surreal for them and hella surreal for me.
  • so on saturday i went to the mall with my friends david, brian, and alex. and just. i love them so much and they are hysterical and make me just feel good and alive.
  • i bought a mumford & sons CD, the Nutcracker soundtrack, and dead poets society
  • then we went ~into town~ and we sat in a coffee shop and alex took an artsy picture of me that i love and i’m gonna post or reblog it later.
  • today it was like water slide day but i just sat on a huge bench with all the guys and we read for 2.5 hours.
  • and tonight was living group night and we ate cake and played a version of telephone that involves drawing and it was fun
  • note from my roommate meg: “i [meg] cried a lot and you made me feel better so you’re like the best roommate ever”
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If That’s Not Beautiful (Math; prompted poem 30/52) // n.f.

After years of being told otherwise in school,
I am fed up with art teachers who have tried to prove me wrong;
Don’t you dare tell me that math is not an art.

There is beauty in completion and satisfaction
and I may not be able to be your Picasso
but I sure as hell can rationalize your fractions
and give you a worldly distraction
through the means of sheer subtraction.

"Real" artwork may pull at your heartstrings
but mathematics challenges that
by captivating your mind;
My mind refuses to sit still.
So when a demon takes control of my thoughts
I give it algebra instead
because my brain is just a stomach that refuses to feel full
so i feed it equations,
and mathematics is so beautifully foreign
that nothing else matters in life
when you dive into seemingly meaningless numbers and lines.
It is a foolproof escape from the world
and if that’s not beautiful,
then I don’t know what is.

Take a moment to realize
that numbers are not nouns;
they are adjectives.
You cannot hold 2 in the palm of your hand
but you can feel 2 hearts beating
conjoined by a love for computation.
And you cannot see a billion
but you can see the skin cells 
that compose everyone you have ever loved
and if that’s not beautiful
then I don’t know what is.

Call me egotistical
but knowing that fixed answers exist
and i can find them in the matter of mere seconds
reminds me that maybe I can tackle this world
and if that’s not beautiful
then i don’t know what is.

You can travel anywhere in the world
and while symbols may be different,
if you have 57 watermelons and take 10 away,
whether you are in China or Brazil or Russia or Iceland,
you will always have 47 left.
Math, like music, is universal.
It joins us in an unfathomable way
and if that is not beautiful,
then my god I don’t know what is.

I learned two years ago
that flowers of any size, color, or shape
naturally grow petals
at precise angles
to make sure each petal gets the maximum amount of sunlight,
and plants, these insentient beings,
have spirals in numbers of a mathematical series
and if that’s not completely magical
then i don’t know what is.

Did you know
that in flat geometry
the sum of angles in all triangles
must be equal to or less than 180 degrees
but in spherical geometry
it must always be greater than 180 degrees.
And did you know
that when you take the words I write on 2D paper
and give it a 3D presentation
it hits an audience harder than you can imagine,
and we all know poetry is a form of art,
so tell me
do you still think mathematics isn’t?

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Anonymous asked:
If I send you a couple poem thingys that I've written, would you tell me of they're any good?

Yes, of course! It may take me a while for me to respond (sorry!) but I will definitely do so.

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